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Protrait Advice

Many factors will impact the success of your photography session or event. Please consider the following portrait advice to help ensure your appearance is the best possible for your pictures.


Drink plenty of water before your photography session. Being well hydrated helps you to be awake and glow. Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol which act as a diuretic.


You've heard of "beauty sleep" - well, sleep is very important to your health and impacts your appearance. Lack of quality rest may result in puffy and red eyes; it may impact your posture and expression. Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before your photography session. If your session is in the evening, an afternoon nap could be an excellent choice.


If you are wearing makeup for your photography session, you may need to apply it a little heavier than normal, but make sure to keep it from cracking or being blotchy. The studio lights will slightly washout subtle colors and the camera will show any blemishes - your foundation should match your current skin color. Applying a finishing powder to your completed makeup helps to stabilize the makeup and reduce shine.


Dark clothing tends to minimize body shape and size, while light colors tend to do the opposite, emphasizing size and shape. Be mindful of how the tones impact your appearance in pictures.

Wear solid colored clothing, avoiding busy patterns and prints. Keep your outfit simple with matching and complementary pieces of clothing; shoes and socks too. Freshly pressed clothes create a clean image (no pun intended).

You are welcome to plan extra clothing for your photography session, one or two additional properly fitting outfits is usually sufficient. Be mindful of the shoot location, as you might not have sufficient privacy for changing clothes.

Boudoir Shoots

Carefully choose your attire leading to your boudoir photography session. Avoid clothing that will leave marks on skin areas which are expected to be visible in pictures. Tight elastic, for example, tends to leave undesirable red impression marks on the skin.


Don't forget to bring a comb or brush. You shouldn't have your hair cut too soon before your photography session; allow one to two weeks for your hair to adjust to its new weight and shape. Give at least two weeks for perms to relax. Avoid wearing a hat the day of your session, even if you will be wearing it in some of your pictures.

Ladies, when using hair removal techniques be sure to give adequate time for redness and swelling to improve, the day before is usually best. Guys, trim and shave within an hour of your session for the best appearance.

Relax and Have Fun!

Your general mood shows in pictures. The more relaxed and happy you are, the better your pictures will appear.

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