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Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few answers to questions that I receive often from clients.

Why are Weddings and Events a higher rate?

Weddings, Mitzvahs and other special events have a higher rate, because these events require special attention and more work in post processing. For every hour behind the camera, there is another two hours of screen time; this guarantees the highest quality possible for your pictures.

What camera equipment do you use?

I use professional Canon DSLR equipment, including Canon 'L' series lenses and Canon speed flash units.

What kind of lighting equipment is used?

Natural light, reflectors, studio strobes, "hot" lights and/or portable flash units will be used depending on the project needs and location.

How much time do I have to order my pictures?

Your album will be online for at least six months, allowing plenty of time for online ordering at your leisure. Should you need to order pictures after your album is removed from the site, simply call or send an email. Discounted prints and digitals are only available during the first six months.

Can my friends and relatives order pictures?

Absolutely. It is not uncommon for friends and relatives to purchase pictures for themselves and as gifts for you. You may simply share your album link (and password, if applicable) with them. They will have the convenience of ordering directly through the site at the pricing under your contract for six months.

What if I don't want anyone to see my pictures online?

By request, albums can be hidden from public view and password protected. You are supplied a special link to the album which allows access to the pictures and ordering. You are welcome to share this link with anyone you would like to see the pictures.

Who owns the copyright of my pictures?

Leeon Pezok retains copyright ownership of all images created and has the exclusive right to make reproductions, except as licensed by agreement. For licensing information, visit our legal page.

Are my pictures going to be shared in your portfolio?

It is not uncommon for Leeon to pick a couple favorites from events and portrait sessions to share in his portfolio, however boudoir shoots are not included in the portfolio without your explicit permission. Leeon hires models for the boudoir portfolio.

Do you provide photography instruction?

Leeon offers one-on-one sessions to teach all aspects of photography for your learning pleasure. These one-on-one lessons work at the student's pace, and leverage the student's existing knowledge.
There are plenty of learning programs online for photography. Leeon highly recommends Creative Live as a quality source of online training for various artistic skills.

What software is best to cataloging and editing photos?

Leeon uses various programs, from the defacto standard tools offered by Adobe to Anthropics and Topaz Labs, however his favorite software is from ACDsee. ACDsee products are affordable and powerful, available for Windows and Mac based systems.


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